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Toby and Tutter Therapy Dogs available in hardcover and paperback

Toby and Tutter
This magical book shows therapy dogs Toby and Tutter as friends, siblings, and competitors, who learn to appreciate what each brings to the table. Written by occupational therapist Kirsten DeBear, and photographed by Laura Dwight. Available through our website and online at Barnes and Noble and Educators may order it through Brodart or Follett.

Brothers and Sisters
Brothers and Sisters depicts six children with special needs (congenital amputation, blindness, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, deafness and hearing impairment, autism spectrum) at home with their brothers and sisters. Aspects of their lives that are challenging are part of daily life, as are a variety of sibling interactions.
Available in hardcover and paperback

Be Quiet, Marina!
Marina, loud and joyful, clashes with Moira, quiet and shy. How they learn to become friends is the story of Be Quiet, Marina! Written by Kirsten DeBear, it is illustrated with Laura Dwight's black and white photographs of the real Marina and Moira. Now teenagers and living far apart, they are still friends.
Be Quiet, Marina! is now available in paperback from Star Bright Books.

We Can Do It!
Five children with special needs (Down syndrome, Spina bifida, Cerebral palsy, and Blindness) shown in many activities that all children enjoy. The message for all children is that children with disabilites are children first.
Available in English and Spanish, and in hardcover and paperback editions.

We Are All Alike...We Are All Different
My photographs illustrate this book written by a kindergarten class about the ways in which people differ and find commonality. Scholastic publishes this book in English and Spanish, and in a Big Book edition.

What Happens Next?
The phases of a baby or toddler's day, ending with a child dressed for bed. Toddlers love to lift the flaps to find the baby. Includes a little girl with Down syndrome. Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Korean, and an English/Spanish bilingual edition. From Star Bright Books, see quick links to order.

Where's the Puppy?, Where's the Kitten? Where's the Baby?
Babies and toddlers love to lift the flaps to uncover the hidden baby, kitten, or puppy. Available in many languages, from Star Bright Books. See Quick links to order.

Toby and Tutter Therapy Dogs is available at our website and online at Barnes & Noble and Educators may order it through Brodart and Follett.

We Can Do It! available in English and Spanish, hardcover and paperback

Little Pink Book an interactive touch and feel book for babies and toddlers, with author Renee Khatami

Little Black Book an interactive touch and feel book for babies and toddlers, with author Renee Khatami

Little Pink Book and Little Black Book are published by Random House. They are available at bookstores and at online sellers and

Be Quiet, Marina! with author Kirsten DeBear. The story of how two very different children learn to become friends.

Preschool-Grade 3
Toby and Tutter are therapy dogs with very different styles, and each has something to contribute to the young children they work with.
Portraits of six special children and their siblings
Portraits of 5 special children showing other children what they can do
Upbeat tale of two preschool girls and their evolving friendship
Baby-Toddler Board Books
Toddlers love to see phases of their day and lift the flap to find the baby in this 5 inch square board book
Infant-Toddler board books