Laura Dwight

Books for Children

Be Quiet, Marina!

Be Quiet, Marina!, written by Kirsten DeBear and photographed by Laura Dwight, depicts two very different little personalities, and how they learn to get along and enjoy each other. The special needs of the children, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, are incidental to the story.

Marina and Moira have different personalities but learn they can be friends

Preschool-Grade 3
Toby and Tutter are therapy dogs with very different styles, and each has something to contribute to the young children they work with.
Portraits of six special children and their siblings
Portraits of 5 special children showing other children what they can do
Upbeat tale of two preschool girls and their evolving friendship
Baby-Toddler Board Books
Toddlers love to see phases of their day and lift the flap to find the baby in this 5 inch square board book
Infant-Toddler board books